Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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How To Get Free Samples

Millions of people search for free samples every day. It is a sad fact that many of them will end up empty-handed. They often come across web sites that are promising free products but then they ask for some additional requirements that these people do not want to do. In this article you will learn about a number of methods that will help you find lots of free stuff. And you will be able to do it super easily and with no risk.

Now you must keep in mind that free things are very popular among many people. This means that due to this popularity, there will be lots of web sites that offer promotions that are not legitimate. For this reason, it becomes critical that you learn where to find honest deals so you do waste your time or get scammed.

Before I talk about how to search for free products and how you can win a large amount of these freebies, you first need to learn about some things that you must avoid.

- The very first thing you must stay away from when you are looking for free things is those websites that ask you to provide your personal information although these are not necessary to deliver that item to your door. For example, an honest company only needs your name and your address to send you free samples. In some cases, a web site may ask for your e-mail address or how you heard about them. These are legitimate questions and you should not be afraid of them. But, if they require more personal information (credit card number or your Social Security number) this is most likely a fake company and you should stop working with it right away.

- Another not-so-obvious trick that some of fake web sites employ is asking people to pay for shipping and handling. You need to know that shipping and handling costs are it these cases greater than the actual item is worth. This is how these companies make revenue. Keep in mind that free samples should be totally free and you do not need to pay money in order to receive them. When it comes to free samples with no strings, do not ever pay for anything. If a company asks you to pay for shipping and handling or anything else, it sells you something and not offering you a free product. This is just one of many things you must bear in mind when searching for free stuff online.

- Here is the next thing you must be aware of. Some websites may ask you to download something in order to be able to get your free product. If websites are honest, they will not ask you to download anything in order to win a free stuff online. If you download something, in many cases it can be a malware or a virus. This can be very dangerous and you must avoid this at all times. So, never download something in return for a free thing.

- What about surveys, sign-ups and questionnaires? Are they legitimate? The fact is that many companies that have free offers, require people to fill out surveys, questionnaires or sign up for different programs. Many of these deals can be scams, although some of them are real offers. The truth is that you do not need to do these things to win free products. But if you have some time to spend filling out surveys and questionnaires, you are welcome to do it, just keep in mind that there is a risk you will not get a free sample if this is a fake web site.

- In the end, keep in mind the following famous quote when looking for free things online -  if it's too good to be true it probably is. What are valid free offers? The good examples of free products are free samples of shampoos, perfumes, foods, etc. However, if a website is offering a completely free plasma TV, it can be a scam.

Now you know what you need to look for in order to avoid scam sites. Now we can talk about how to find legitimate sites that list free samples. There are many good websites that offer free samples. When you know how to find these websites, you will find yourself in a position where your mailbox is filled with free products on a daily basis.

I'm sure this will become your preferred method to try out the newest products without spending any money. This is the chief reason why so many people are obsessed with free samples. So, if you intend to get your hands on some amazing free items, keep reading and discover proven methods to achieve this goal.

What is the best place to start your search for free products? Going to the sources of them. In order to be able to find them, you first need to know why free samples exist and where they come from.
All legitimate free samples come from companies that are advertising their newest products. These companies know very well that internet is a fantastic place to advertise. Free product samples are amazing way of advertising. It was discovered that by offering a sample of a product, these companies can effortlessly grab the attention of potential customers. This is both very effective and much cheaper than traditional forms of marketing. That's why so many companies today are using free samples to advertise their latest products.

Why is this important? How this is going to help you in your search for free samples? Because once you understand all the steps, finding free stuff will be very easy and fast. Your first task is to make a list of manufacturers that are making different kinds of products. For example, it can be Dell, Apple, IBM, Maybelline, Sephora, Victoria's Secret, etc. These and other big companies are launching new products on a regular basis and they all need to promote them. In many cases these promotions are in the form of free samples.

Once your list is finished, visit the websites of all these manufacturers and bookmark them. Look for any promotions they may have at time of your visit. Also, look for customer appreciation clubs or newsletters. It is recommended that you sign up, which is free, and this way you will be among the first to know when new promotions become live. This is the best way to get free product samples before they are gone for good. I hope you see that going to the source of free stuff, is the simplest and most effective way to collect totally free things.

Your next best method is finding forums that are talking about free stuff. The amount of information you can gather on these forums is staggering. Some of these forums have thousands of members who are all interested in freebies. How this will help?

Every time one of the members find a free sample that comes from a legitimate site, he or she will list it in a forum so that others can get it. And because there will be thousands of people all sharing this information, you will always have new sites to check out.

However, you must visit these forums regularly so that you do not miss out on great opportunities. The problem is that many companies who use free samples as a promotion method, only have a limited amount of these freebies. So, if you wait too long, you may miss out on some great free products. That's why it is important to join freebie forums and visit them frequently. Do you now understand that finding these forums is in your best interest?

How do you find forums devoted to free samples? Using search engines, of course. Keep in mind that Google, Bing and Yahoo can deliver some illegitimate sites as well and you can spend a lot of time sorting through them. But there is not other way to find free sample related forums.

When using search engines, do not just search for free stuff. You need to use this or similar phrase plus the word forum. You will be surprised how many forums you will find. Visit as much of these forums as possible until you find one that suits your needs the best. Become member of the community and start contributing. As time goes by, you will find it very easy to locate lots of free samples.

Many of these forums are very well organized and they help their members in finding the latest free samples. Another huge benefit you will get by signing up with these communities is that there are warnings about fake offers. This means that when someone finds a bogus offer or a legitimate one, he/she will tell about it. Now you can see why joining free sample related forums is a fantastic way to find free things with no strings.

Using freebie blogs is another method that you can use but it's less effective than the previous one. Still, you should use it. If you want to find as many free products as possible, start looking for blogs that write about that topic. There are numerous blogs that are completely devoted to free products and where to find them. If you can find them, you will get totally free access to various free samples offered by different sources. Although you will not find as much information as available on forums, many of these blogs are great sources of free samples. Many of them have exclusive deals that can’t be find anywhere else. So blogs are just another method you should use to find  freebies easily and effectively.

Now that you know both the negative and positive characteristics of finding free samples on the internet, you will be able to get more of them for yourself. Just follow all of the tips mentioned in this article and all the things that you should avoid when looking for free samples, and you will have no problems in keeping your mailbox filled with free samples each and every day.